Salamagica for Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation

Three powerful images from Salamagica for the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation.

“Children who witness domestic violence are more likely to become victims or abusers as adults. Join us in ending this terrible cycle. Learn more or donate at”

Salamagica's portfolio

  • Client Joe Torre  Safe At Home Foundation

Analog/Digital & Simon Danaher for Glenmorangie

Realism was a key factor during the execution of this visual. In order to faithfully recreate the real Glenmorangie bottle in CGI, Simon broke it into pieces and studied its physical properties (he assured us that no whisky was wasted!).

The copper sculpture amplifies the concept of depth and complexity of the matured whisky and emphasises the interwoven nature of its tasting notes.

Check our Behance for the work in progress images!

  • Agency BSUR Amsterdam
  • Client Glenmorangie
  • CGI Simon Danaher

Simon Danaher's portfolio

Our latest with Jan Kriwol & Platinum for Prosto!

The “Rain on the street” 2017 Fall campaign is our freshest collab production between Photoby’s photographer Jan Kriwol and Analog/Digital’s Platinum studio for the Polish streetwear brand – Prosto Klasyk.

Yes, it’s gloomy, depressive and soaking wet, but hey, that’s the reality of Polish fall… But even in the worst weather, you can still look fresh.
Jan Kriwol was behind the awesome studio photography work and Platinum studio pulled it all together in post-production and applied some of their matte painting magic.

Platinum's portfolio

  • Client Prosto
  • Photography Jan Kriwol
  • Post-production Platinum

Sven Hauth - Falling #1 "Stretchy Scooter"

Lots of slinky, springy, stretchy and bouncy things are happening in Sven Hauth’s latest personal animation series.

“Falling #2 – Spring Theory”

“Falling #3 -Jaguar e(longated) Type”

Sven Hauth's portfolio

Analog/Digital & Platinum for The Loop

A Analog/Digital production with Platinum studio and Rothco Dublin Agency for The Loop – Airport Shopping.

  • Agency Rothco Dublin
  • Client The Loop

Platinum's portfolio

Serial Cut for Toyota C-HR

Super pretty set design with neon typefaces from Serial Cut for Toyota’s C-HR campaign!

Serial Cut's portfolio

  • Agency Saatchi & Saatchi LA
  • Client Toyota