Peter Tarka for LG Signature

The LG Signature series products complimented by beautiful modern interior spaces designed by Peter Tarka.

  • Client LG Signature

Peter Tarka's portfolio

Analog/Digital & Simon Danaher for Pro Mente Sana

Our latest Swiss production with Simon Danaher and Havas Switzerland for the Pro Mente Sana foundation.
According to a study, 20% of respondents said that they are currently in a prolonged emotional low. Two-thirds have at least experienced periods in which they have not been well for a long time. The Pro Mente Sana Foundation wants to counteract this with a re-launch of their well-tried “How are you?” campaign and encourage the Swiss to speak more openly about their mental health.

Fun fact – The “Wie geht’s dir” sculpture is not only a virtual object, but it also exists in the real world, displayed in public spaces. (3D Sculpture by Goldschnitt)

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Simon Danaher's portfolio

  • Client Pro Mente Sana
  • Agency Havas Switzerland
  • Creative Direction Patrick Beeli
  • Art Direction Willi Oberhänsli
  • Art Buying Ilonka Galliard
  • Photography Schaub Stierli
  • 3D/CGI Simon Danaher
  • Post-production Iza Zembrzuska

Noelia Lozano for Manos Unidas

“Share what matters” was the motto of this years campaign for the non-profit organization – Manos Unidas. Noelia was invited by video director Lyona Ivaniwa, to collaborate on the production of the TV spot – a 20sec stop motion sequence, which takes you through a 3.60m paper-crafted set picturing three continents of Africa, Asia and America.

You can check out the behind the scenes of this production here!

Noelia Lozano's portfolio

  • Agency TBWA Spain
  • Video director Lyona Ivanova (Marta Puig)
  • D.O.P Anna Molins
  • Art direction Noelia Lozano
  • Stop motion Citoplasma stopmotion (Edu Puertas, Irene Iborra)
  • Voice Bruna Cusi
  • Production Reno films
  • Post-production Exit-Spain

Platinum for Sea Shepherd "Plastic Fish"

  • Agency Ogilvy Germany
  • Art/Copy Christian Kuzman, Ogilvy
  • Art Buying Magdalena Bulle, Ogilvy
  • Post Production Flavio Albino, Dmitriy Glazyrin, Luciano Honorato
  • CGI Platinum FMD, Henrique Cassab
  • Photography Direction Leonardo Vilela

Platinum's portfolio

Platinum for Ford "Ka" 2019

The latest automotive project from Platinum! A fully computer generated campaign for the release of Fords 2019 Ka models. The use of CGI(3D) over traditional photography gave Platinum full control of the creative process, while lowering the costs and eliminating logistic and weather related problems.

Platinum's portfolio

  • Agency GTB
  • Client Ford
  • Creative Director Daniel Leitao
  • Art Director Leandro Bechara


Kijek/Adamski for BBC Two "Ident"

Kijek/Adamski directed and animated the new hypnotising ident for BBC Two! Created the good old analog way, using papercraft and stop motion.

Kijek / Adamski's portfolio

Sound Design Alex Baranowski