We are happy to announce the latest addition to our Analog/Digital roster. Presenting… JVG!

JVG is a Madrid based art direction and production studio focused on creative 3D/CGI. Their colourful and striking animations as well as lightning quick production times are an especially good fit for digital content. JVG’s recent projects for Guerlain and Yoox (Net-a-porter group), done in collaboration with another Analog/Digital artist Peter Tarka, are perfect examples. This is the type of social media advertising we can’t get enough of. We’re excited to have them on board. Check out their portfolio and then get in touch!

JVG's portfolio

Analog/Digital & Televisor for Axapharm

Watch this idyllic and slightly kinky scene from the African Savanna. A campaign for Dolor-X, a muscle relaxant sold by Axapharm in Switzerland. Animated by Televisor, based on illustrations and desisgn by Sattu Rodrigues.

Televisor's portfolio

  • Agency Karling AG
  • Client Axapharm

Analog/Digital presents the mixed media directors duo Kijek/Adamski!

With multiple awards behind their belt, Warsaw based Kasia Kijek and Przemek Adamski are directors with vast experience and an incredibly versatile approach to their filmmaking. With a combined skill set spanning live-action, stop-motion, paper craft, and installation, they are constantly evolving in search for the most adequate means of expression. The choice of the right material and technique is an integral part of the story they tell each time. Whatever the technique, simplicity and creativity in the process always remain their underlying goal. We are extremely excited to be starting our collaboration with this talented duo!

Kijek / Adamski's portfolio

Analog/Digital & Adrian & Gidi for Zalando

These charming winter scenes, lovingly crafted from paper by Adrian & Gidi, are the first in a series recently commissioned by Zalando.  The images have given the pan-european online retailer’s winter campaign a nice warm touch. We hope you like them as much as we do!

Adrian & Gidi's portfolio

  • Client Zalando

Illusion - Portfolio Update!

Illusion’s portfolio has just been updated with plenty new projects, ranging from worthy social campaigns to stunning advertising visuals – featuring all kinds of animals, characters and environments. Have a look!

Illusion's portfolio

  • Clients WWF, ASD, Cogedim, Midea, Lartuvo, Jakarta Globe, Playboy, General Tire, EFM, Europcar, Animal Protection Denmark.