Sven Hauth - Falling #1 "Stretchy Scooter"

Lots of slinky, springy, stretchy and bouncy things are happening in Sven Hauth’s latest personal animation series.

“Falling #2 – Spring Theory”

“Falling #3 -Jaguar e(longated) Type”

Sven Hauth's portfolio

Analog/Digital & Platinum for The Loop

A Analog/Digital production with Platinum studio and Rothco Dublin Agency for The Loop – Airport Shopping.

  • Agency Rothco Dublin
  • Client The Loop

Platinum's portfolio

Serial Cut for Toyota C-HR

Super pretty work from Serial Cut for Toyota’s C-HR campaign!

Check their instagram for animated versions.

Serial Cut's portfolio

  • Agency Saatchi & Saatchi LA
  • Client Toyota

Analog/Digital & Televisor for Dublin Bus - "Dublin Legends: Celebrating 30 Years of Dublin Bus Stories" campaign.

Our collaboration with Televisor studio is off to a great start! We’ve helped Dublin Bus celebrate their 30 years of service by animating three of the Dublin Bus Stories for the “Dublin Legends” campaign.

You can listen to and watch the stories here:

“The Legend of the Bunny on the Bus”
“The Dance during the Blizzard”
“The Lost Table Tennis Bats”

Televisor's portfolio

  • Agency Rothco, Dublin
  • Client Dublin Bus

Saddington Baynes - Engagement Insights®

“Did you know that 95% of consumer decisions are made subconsciously? Or that emotional campaigns are more than twice as likely to generate very high ROI?

Traditional research works by asking people questions. Because the brain thinks about those questions, responses are inevitably distorted by all sorts of influences. This makes it impossible to measure what people really think, and helps to explain why consumer behaviour is extremely difficult to predict.

Until now.

Imagine if you could measure and fine tune the emotional and visual impact of your campaign imagery during production and BEFORE it runs to ensure your creative is as effective as possible. In a world-first for a creative production studio, our unique Engagement Insights® service does exactly that.

We’ve partnered with leading Neuromarketing experts Thom Noble and Darren Bridger of Neurostrata to create a service that enables us to provide deep insights and predictive analytics about consumer perception by measuring the visual impact, emotional engagement and fit-to-brand of campaign imagery.

Saddington Baynes's portfolio

Engagement Insights® allows you to measure emotional response at a subconscious level without directly questioning the respondent.

This means responses are unbiased and genuine – and this allows us to understand how even subtle differences to visual treatments can trigger different emotional responses. And we can produce and share rich, robust insights in just a few days. For years, we’ve taken pride in knowing we make your creative as impactful as it could possibly be. Now we can guarantee it.

Engagement Insights® is part of our DNA. It backs up our gut instinct and helps us to fine tune every project, without charge (unless, of course, you choose to opt out).

If you’d like to know more get in touch. CEO Chris Christodoulou would love to share our secret sauce and help you and your team ‘get emotional’.”

Saddington Baynes

Salamagica for Penguin Random House

You wouldn’t want to miss this beautiful series of matte paintings by Salamagica promoting Alfaguara Audiobooks.

Salamagica's portfolio

  • Agency Prelim Young & Rubicam Chile
  • Client Penguin Random House