Analog/Digital & Simon Danaher for Pro Mente Sana

Our latest Swiss production with Simon Danaher and Havas Switzerland for the Pro Mente Sana foundation.
According to a study, 20% of respondents said that they are currently in a prolonged emotional low. Two-thirds have at least experienced periods in which they have not been well for a long time. The Pro Mente Sana Foundation wants to counteract this with a re-launch of their well-tried “How are you?” campaign and encourage the Swiss to speak more openly about their mental health.

Fun fact – The “Wie geht’s dir” sculpture is not only a virtual object, but it also exists in the real world, displayed in public spaces. (3D Sculpture by Goldschnitt)

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Simon Danaher's portfolio

  • Client Pro Mente Sana
  • Agency Havas Switzerland
  • Creative Direction Patrick Beeli
  • Art Direction Willi Oberhänsli
  • Art Buying Ilonka Galliard
  • Photography Schaub Stierli
  • 3D/CGI Simon Danaher
  • Post-production Iza Zembrzuska