"Human After All" by Jan Kriwol

In his newest personal project „Human After All” Kriwol brings to light a metonymic image of a human being depicted only through his circulatory system.

It is to be presented in the context of everyday activities selected by bearing in mind their discrete affinities – such as the analogy between blood pumped through the character’s veins and branches of a tree or urban architecture, captured in frame. The project oscillates between irony and romanticism. Irony is built upon the contrast between surrealistically presented body and the ordinary nature of the surroundings. Then again, romanticism is embodied in the oozing fragility of this universal image of life. 

In a cultural context it is also a tale of the illusory barriers imposed by both racial and sex differences.
The character has been executed by London based 3d artist Mark Kay specialized in rendering biological structures.

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