Noelia Lozano for Manos Unidas

“Share what matters” was the motto of this years campaign for the non-profit organization – Manos Unidas. Noelia was invited by video director Lyona Ivaniwa, to collaborate on the production of the TV spot – a 20sec stop motion sequence, which takes you through a 3.60m paper-crafted set picturing three continents of Africa, Asia and America.

You can check out the behind the scenes of this production here!

Noelia Lozano's portfolio

  • Agency TBWA Spain
  • Video director Lyona Ivanova (Marta Puig)
  • D.O.P Anna Molins
  • Art direction Noelia Lozano
  • Stop motion Citoplasma stopmotion┬á(Edu Puertas, Irene Iborra)
  • Voice Bruna Cusi
  • Production Reno films
  • Post-production Exit-Spain