Salamagica for Alfaguara

Beautifully illustrated by Salamagica for Alfaguara audiobooks with Prolam Y&R agency.

Salamagica's portfolio

  • Client: Alfaguara
  • Agency Prolam Y&R
  • Head of Art Emerson Navarrete
  • Art Directors Emerson Navarrete, Rodrigo Pérez


Analog/Digital & Serial Cut for MOEBELIX "Lower Prices"

  • Agency Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann / Vienna
  • Executive Creative Director Dushan Drakalski
  • Creative Directors Marian Grabmayer, Francesco Bestagno
  • Copywriter Marco do Nascimento
  • Client MOEBELIX

Analog/Digital & Illusion for Huawei "For Portraits of All Sizes"

Agency DDB Warsaw approached us with this challenging commission from Huawei. The idea was to create a series of macro style insect portraits. Literally portraits, the creatures had to be captured with human personalities.

Who could be up to the task? It was a no brainer – Illusion studio has mastered personifying animals of all sorts and this time was no different. The results are mind blowing!

Get to know the three characters in Huawei’s commercial films directed by Jan Forys and produced by Papaya Films.

Illusion's portfolio

  • Agency DDB&tribal Warsaw
  • Client Huawei Mobile CEE & Nordic
  • Film Production Papaya Films

Saddington Baynes - "Statues"

Saddington Baynes is constantly looking for new ways to showcase their skills, with industry-leading techniques that will help their clients get show-stopping results.

In the latest ‘SBLabs’ study, they create an epic moment of a Muay Thai battle, frozen in time utilising full-body 3D photo scans created with the help of body-scanning experts FBFX. Focusing on using advanced procedural displacement developments, complex shaders and dynamic particle simulations to bring to life this epic animated story with unparalleled attention to detail.

Saddington Baynes's portfolio

Analog/Digital & Platinum for Porsche Schweiz AG

This sweeping dynamic Porsche motif is our latest production with Platinum and ViznerBorel agency

Platinum's portfolio

  • Client Porsche Schweiz AG
  • Agency ViznerBorel, Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH
  • Art Director Florian Steiner

Saddington Baynes - Honda CR-V 2017 | Best in 3D - AWARD WINNER!

Great news from Saddington Baynes!
Their latest project from the SB Auto team produced for Honda is a 3d Award Winner at the Creative Annual Awards.
Congratulations guys for creating such fantastic work!

At Saddington Baynes, we’ve been handling large scale Automotive projects for over a decade. Our specialist Auto team partnered up yet again with our friends at RPA and Razorfish to produce the complete suite of over 1800 premium CGI images for the launch of the all-new 2017 Honda CR-V, the world’s top-selling SUV. With our proven combination of meticulous planning and solid processes, we created all of the high-res brochure imagery, animations, cinemagraphs and online configurator assets for this award-winning campaign, powered by our Cuttlefish® software.

Automotive CAD data runs into tens of thousands of individual parts and Cuttlefish® does all of the technical heavy lifting and validation, which streamlines the input, organisation and re-assembly of all the components needed for online configurations. This means our artists focus their energies on crafting engaging, photorealistic brand imagery and feature specific lighting that really shows of the key design cues of the car.

With our VFX Supervisor on location utilising our on-set PreVis solution, we ensured the capture of all the right supplementary material needed to bring the CR-V to life in CGI, bringing our extensive range of Automotive expertise to the agency creative teams to deliver the highest quality imagery alongside cost and time efficiencies.

Saddington Baynes's portfolio

  • Client Honda
  • Agency RPA & Razorfish
  • Talent Photography Brian Konoske
  • Locations Maground/Brian Konoske
  • Awards Creativepool Annual Awards – Best in 3D