Analog/Digital & Illusion for McDonald's

Illusion never disappoints. Their CG craftsmanship is always to the highest standards and it was no different this time when they were challenged by TBWA Zurich to create a series of 4 icons for McDonald’s new app.

Illusion's portfolio

  • Client McDonald’s
  • Agency TBWA Zurich

Analog/Digital & Platinum for Schüco

For the world’s leading trade fair for architecture and building „BAU2017″ Platinum created the new key visual for Schüco under the creative lead of Oliver Voss agency. The motif shows the process from digital planning to the final building ready to move in.

Platinum's portfolio

  • Client Schüco
  • Agency Oliver Voss

Analog/Digital & Thomas Burden for McDonald's Poland - McHappy Day

We’re greatly excited to have Thomas Burden join our talented roster of digital artists. It didn’t take long before we were approached by DDB Warsaw with the ideal commission for him.

When it comes to visualising toys and type, then look no further. Thomas has a sentimental approach to such projects. You’ll find that his work has a wonderful sense of playful quirkiness that’s hard not to adore.

For those who are not familiar, McHappy Day is a charity event supporting children suffering with cancer, organised by Ronald McDonald’s foundation.
The typography “Okaż Serce” translates to “Have a Heart”.

Thomas Burden's portfolio

  • Client McDonald’s
  • Agency DDB Warsaw

Analog/Digital & Saddington Baynes for Grohe

With Saddington Baynes expertise in Fluid FX work they were able to direct and execute the perfect look and feel of a free flowing stream of water forming into a bottle, with a carefully choreographed splash to top it off.

Working close with Grey Düsseldorf, they explored numerous CG liquid styles and procedural animations with expressive bubble and water behaviour to inject a fresh vision of fluidity and movement required for this sculptural water animation.

Saddington Baynes's portfolio

  • Client Grohe
  • Agency Grey Düsseldorf

Paweł Nolbert for Johnnie Walker

Paweł was approached by LOVE agency to create a Limited Edition Design for the full range of the Johnnie Walker Colours Whisky.

“The artworks were meant to show diversity of the whole line and illustrate the progression and refinement, as we go throughout the labels and their price points – going from Red Label – more expressive and energetic, and up to the more premium and refined Platinum Label.”

Impressive work. Well done Paweł!

  • Client Diageo / Johnnie Walker
  • Agency LOVE

Paweł Nolbert's portfolio

Saddington Baynes for CDM NY, Acadia - Transform the Treatment Brain

“The brief was to create a visual depiction of the hallucinations and delusions that patient’s suffering from Parkinson’s disease psychosis experience daily. The animation and print aim to show how the drug can pacify the psychotic effects on the brain by transforming, reconfiguring and fading as the drug takes effect.

Creatively we where challenged to design and craft a powerful stylistic depiction that shows the various aspects of the condition in a striking way. With a wealth of hyper-realistic, CGI animals in our portfolio, this project played to all our strengths. Working in partnership with CDM NY and using a mixture of CGI, Animation and Compositing FX, we brought to life the montage of chaotic hallucinations and delusions in a variety of character creations.” – Saddington Baynes

Saddington Baynes's portfolio

  • Client CDM NY