Adrian & Gidi for Viktor & Rolf

Gorgeous new paper craft by Adrian & Gidi for the Dutch luxury fashion house Viktor & Rolf and their newly released fragrance called Flowerbomb Bloom.

Adrian & Gidi's portfolio

  • Agency Ykone
  • Client Viktor & Rolf

"New Beauty" by Six N. Five

The latest personal work from Six & Five is a gem to look at. The combination of colours, shapes and textures results in a
incredibly eye pleasing object.

Six N. Five's portfolio

Serial Cut for Ray-Ban "Worldwide Wonderland"

“Depending on where you are in the world, the festive holidays can look completely different. Serial Cut worked with Stink Studios bringing to life the imagery and animations for Ray-Ban’s ‘Worldwide Wonderland’ campaign celebrating the many weird and wonderful Xmas traditions from around the globe.”

This visual is representing USA and it’s just 1 out 5 from this wonderful series  Search in Serial Cut’s animations category for the remaining 4 countries.

Serial Cut's portfolio

  • Client Ray-Ban
  • Agency Bernstein & Andriulli London

They’re BIG in name, BIG in capabilities, and BIG on character.

Big Studios are self confessed animation freaks and one of the largest CGI animation companies in Brazil. With teams of specialists in Sao Paulo and Miami, they offer everything from concept to full production.

Working across animation and stills, they are capable of providing fully integrated productions for their clients across all media.  Whether creating cartoon characters or photo realistic cars, or characters in cars (or cars AS characters for that matter), their animations are always fun and send out a very positive Brazilian vibe.

We are proud to be their European production partner and representative.

Big Studios's portfolio

Mark Gmehling for Batelco "Unlimited Talk-Time"

A comical advertising campaign promoting the new Batelco (Bahrain Telecommunications Company) prepaid SimSim Card offering unlimited talk time.
It’s featuring the typical Mark Gmehling spaghetti styled characters. We strongly suggest viewing the remaining visuals from this add. Hilarious!

Fun Fact: The policeman is inspired by Marks english teacher and as he claims it’s a more photorealistic visualization than you might think.

Mark Gmehling's portfolio

  • Client Batelco
  • Advertising Agency FP7 Bahrain
  • Creative Director Amit Kapoor
  • Art Director Rodrigo Gorosito, John Fayek
  • Copywriter Amit Kapoor
  • Studio Manager Mohammed Ismail

Analog/Digital & Illusion for McDonald's

Illusion never disappoints. Their CG craftsmanship is always to the highest standards and it was no different this time when they were challenged by TBWA Zurich to create a series of 4 icons for McDonald’s new app.

Illusion's portfolio

  • Client McDonald’s
  • Agency TBWA Zurich