Serial Cut for Oreo - "Thins Bites"

Oreo’s new fudge-dipped thins on the production line – Check out the latest animation work from Serial Cut!

Serial Cut's portfolio

  • Client Oreo

Six N. Five for Rimowa "Travel Scenes"

Rimowa suitcases are brought to life by the guys from Six N. Five! In a series of three videos they explore different travel scenes via three means of transportation: by boat, plain & train.

Six N. Five's portfolio

  • Creative direction Six N. Five + Sebastián Baptista
  • Art direction Six N. Five
  • Animation Sebastián Baptista
  • 3D Design Six N. Five
  • Sound Design Aimar Molero

Mark Gmehling for McDonald's - "Wake up"

Take a look at how these classic Mark Gmehling characters were used in a McDonald’s campaign. Such a great concept with excellent attention to detail!

Mark Gmehling's portfolio

  • Client McDonald’s
  • Agency TBWA Shanghai
  • Creative Leader Nils Andersson
  • Executive Creative Director Ronnie Wu
  • Creative Director Frank Marinus
  • Associate Creative Director Siwen Bao
  • Art Director Eve Roussou

Serial Cut™ | Showreel 2018

Freshly released, a 2018 edition showreel from Serial Cut. All the goodies packed in just 1 minute. Enjoy!

Serial Cut's portfolio

  • Clients Ford, Diesel, FENTY Beauty, Nike, Converse, Honda, Toyota, Starburst, Goa, Mandatum Life, Oreo, Ray-Ban, Paraiso Festival, Beauty&Go, DLTD-Scenes, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Möbelix, Tropikali, Ferrero, The Trade Desk, Adobe, Vodafone, Facebook, Wired

An Analog/Digital production for Adidas Originals - "Deerupt Space"

Photographer Jan Kriwol collaborated with 3d artists Atelier Martini & Flavio Albino, combining their talents to create the newest visuals for the freshly released sneakers from Adidas – Deerupts.

Jan Kriwol's portfolio

  • Client Adidas Originals
  • Agency  Tailor Made PR
  • Art Direction Pati Bielańska
  • Models Żabson, Lila Janowska, zuzaOK, Zulu Kuki, Agnieszka Stachurska, Helena Konkol, Karolina Meschino
  • Retouch Postproduction Space
  • Lighting assistant  Szymon Goslawski
  • 3D Atelier Martini & Flavio Albino
  • Photography Jan Kriwol



Swiss Poster Awards 2017 | Illusion & Garrigosa

“Social Contacts” campaign crafted by Illusion wins best Swiss poster of 2017 and GOLD in the Public Service category
Encounters with others can cause fear and stress among people with autism. Therefore, they are dependent on understanding. That’s the focus of the campaign by Autismus Forum Schweiz, realizing it with an impressive idea that is implemented with great attention to detail.

Client Autismus Forum Schweiz, Adliswil
Creative agency Ruf Lanz AG, Zürich
CGI Illusion Studio

“No Air” campaign produced by Garrigosa Studio wins SILVER in Public Service category
Not being able to breathe is a frightening feeling. Over one million people in Switzerland know this because they suffer from respiratory distress, e.g. asthma, COPD or sleep apnea. To show that they are not left alone with their needs, the lung league improves their quality of life.

Client Lungenliga Schweiz, Bern
Creative agency Spinas Civil Voices, Zürich
CGI Garrigosa, Barcelona

“McDonald’s App” executed by Illusion wins BRONZE in Commercial National category

At the end of 2016, McDonald’s Switzerland launched the first app, and because McDonald’s products have an almost iconic recognition value, we simply turned them into app icons – the key visuals of the campaign. That visually reduces the message to a maximum and makes it perfect for the poster medium.

 McDonald’s Suisse Restaurants Sàrl, Crissier
Creative agency TBWAZürich, Zürich
CGI Illusion, Bangkok

Illusion's portfolio