Viktor&Rolf by Adrian&Gidi x Televisor. Analog meets digital. An A/D production.

Analog/Digital is proud and excited to have initiated a collaboration between Adrian & Gidi and Televisor, opening a new door to endless possibilities and pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques.

The goal was to create a beautiful and whimsical short clip of one of the visuals handcrafted by Adrian&Gidi for the launch of Flowerbomb Bloom, one of Viktor&Rolf ’s new fragrances.

The challenge was bringing the opposite worlds together – on one side – delicate hand crafted paper flowers, on the other microchips and software.

For Marcin Sławek, one of the lead animators from Televisor, it was crucial to make sure Adrian & Gidi’s intricate paper flowers are brought to life in a way that does not compromise the natural feeling of Adrian&Gidi’s images. Televisor created 3D paper flowers which had to keep the unique characteristics of paper when put in motion. “In the end we managed to create something very natural, almost analogue, using digital tools” says Marcin Sławek. “It feels natural and elegant in a way we hardly could have achieved when animating a real paper set with flowers” concludes Adrian Woods.

Adrian & Gidi's portfolio

Original still visual:

  • Agency Ykone
  • Client Viktor & Rolf


  • Direction Adrian & Gidi
  • Animation Televisor
  • Sound Design  Juice Sound Studio
  • Production Analog/Digital