Zombie Studio for Ford - "Gears"

Zombie Studio produces an animation for Ford Motor Company. A short film, that approaches the truck segment in a unusually emotional, warm and playful way.

Paulo Garcia at Zombie Studio: “This was one of the toughest technical and narrative challenges we’ve ever had. Harmonizing emotional stories, and turning the gears of a truck’s engine into a world of imagination, was a task that required a lot of talent and affection from the entire team. “It was four months of work with a team of 60 dedicated people, a lot of research, and a lot of desire to make this script a beautiful story.”

Zombie Studio's portfolio

  • Client Ford Motor Company
  • Agency GTB Brasil
  • Executive Creative Director Vico Benevides
  • Creative Directors Rodrigo Strozenberg and Daniel Leitão
  • Copywriter Thiago Lins
  • Art director Fernando Lyra
  • Production Zombie Studio
  • Director Paulo Garcia
  • Director of Photography Regis Fernandez
  • Executive Producer Natália Gouvêa
  • Sound A9 Audio