Zombie Studio for WCFF - "Dream"

To generate buzz and attract attention to the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival’s, DDB New York & Zombie Studio has created a stop animation video, entitled “Dream”, which captures the plight of four distinct animals suffering at the hands of humans.

Set to a newly recorded version of the classic song “I Dreamed a Dream,” the emotional portrayal begins with animals in their natural habitats singing when their life was good. As the song shifts in tone, the animals continue to sing as their lives are threatened by man-made threats to their lives and environment.


WCFF is an organization that creates public awareness programs that inform, engage, and inspire audiences about the need for, and importance of global biodiversity protection.

Zombie Studio's portfolio

  • Client Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF)
  • Agency  DDB New York
  • Chief Creative Officer  Icaro Doria
  • Creative Director  Thiago Carvalho
  • Head of Art / Creative Director  Bruno Oppido
  • ACD (Art Director) Guilherme Rácz
  • ACD (Copywriter) Lucas Casão
  • Head of Production Ed Zazzera
  • Senior Producer Amanda Van Caneghem
  • Senior Account Executive Matthew Leach
  • Music & Sound Design “I Dreamed A Dream” by Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schonberg, Jean-Marc Natel and Herbert Kretzmer & Final Mix by Mophonics
  • Executive Producers Natália Gouvea and Paulo Garcia