Jan Kriwol for Prosto "20 YEARS"

Jan Kriwol for the 20th anniversary of the clothing brand – Prosto

  • Models Wojtek Sokół, Dj Steez, Dj Kebs, JWP
  • Art direction Zuza Słominska & Kasia Porycka
  • Retouch Run Run

Jan Kriwol's portfolio

Photoby & Elizabeth Weinberg for PEPSI - “Pepsi Moments”

We’re super happy to share our shoot with Elizabeth Weinberg for Pepsi!

Elizabeth Weinberg's portfolio

  • Client PepsiCo
  • Art direction Pepsi Marketing Team & Shiri Kornowski, Elizabeth Weinberg, Photoby
  • Photography Elizabeth Weinberg
  • Production Photoby

Coco Amardeil - "Animal Farm" for The Forumist Magazine

Rather unusual models in Coco’s latest fashion shoot.
A goat rocking Gucci shades? Why not!

#1 Glasses by Gucci
#2 Turban by Ronald van der Kemp
#3 Scarf by Innangelo, Broach by Reine Rosalie
#4 Hat by Jacquemus
#5 Earrings by H&M and Reine Rosalie
#6 Beret by Maison Michel
#7 Hat by Ronald van der Kemp
#8 Scarf by Innangelo, Broach by Reine Rosalie
#9 Hat by D’Estree
#10 Beret by Benoit Missolin

  • Client The Forumist Magazine
  • Styling Margaux Pelleray
  • Retouching Viviane (La Roulotte)

Coco Amardeil's portfolio

Jan Kriwol - "New Territories" for Label Magazine

People from the 80’s appear to be suspended between the past and the future. This is an analogue generation, whose entire adult life lasts in the digital era.

Jan Kriwol’s metaphorical project perfectly reflects the atmosphere of this journey between worlds. New Territories is an inspiring story that draws from the photographer’s personal experience. An aesthetic hoverboard is almost a literal object – a bridge, a retrofuturistic reference to his skateboarding passion and the turn of the 80s-90s – the beginning of skateboarding in Poland.

Disturbing desert landscapes became the background for the fascinating journey of the heroine – a strong, expressive character whose character and stylizations were inspired by images from the iconic movie Mad Max.

Jan Kriwol's portfolio

  • Client Label Magazine
  • Art Direction Sara Marcysiak, Olga Werniewicz / So Studio
  • Stylist Marta Kalinowska / Hartwig Fashion Department
  • Model Olga Werniewicz
  • Make-up Ola Przyłuska
  • Hair Gor Duryan
  • Post production Iza Zembrzuska
  • Photography Jan Kriwol

Coco Amardeil for Amazon - "Oprah's Favorite Things"

A very merry holiday themed campaign shot by Coco Amardeil for Amazon! 🙂

Coco Amardeil's portfolio

  • Creative direction Katy Kennedy, Heather Mounsey
  • Copy Heather Mounsey
  • Photography Coco Amardeil
  • Retouching Janko Williams
  • Client Amazon


Samuel Hicks | "In my Blood"

‘In my Blood’ is Samuels new film about a young talented Formula One Stock driver. – Kyle Gray is just 16 years old, but is beating drivers double his age (awarded novice of the year by Brisca).

Samuel Hicks's portfolio