Jan Kriwol - "New Territories" for Label Magazine

People from the 80’s appear to be suspended between the past and the future. This is an analogue generation, whose entire adult life lasts in the digital era.

Jan Kriwol’s metaphorical project perfectly reflects the atmosphere of this journey between worlds. New Territories is an inspiring story that draws from the photographer’s personal experience. An aesthetic hoverboard is almost a literal object – a bridge, a retrofuturistic reference to his skateboarding passion and the turn of the 80s-90s – the beginning of skateboarding in Poland.

Disturbing desert landscapes became the background for the fascinating journey of the heroine – a strong, expressive character whose character and stylizations were inspired by images from the iconic movie Mad Max.

Jan Kriwol's portfolio

  • Client Label Magazine
  • Art Direction Sara Marcysiak, Olga Werniewicz / So Studio
  • Stylist Marta Kalinowska / Hartwig Fashion Department
  • Model Olga Werniewicz
  • Make-up Ola Przyłuska
  • Hair Gor Duryan
  • Post production Iza Zembrzuska
  • Photography Jan Kriwol