Samuel Hicks for Jacobs Coffee

Jacobs Coffee European campaign photographed and directed by Samuel Hicks.

Samuel Hicks's portfolio

  • Client Jacobs

Photoby & Kasia Bielska for Zalando "EoSS Spring/Summer 2019"

Check out our latest Zalando campaign photographed by Kasia Bielska!

Kasia Bielska's portfolio

  • Client Zalando
  • Photographer Kasia Bielska
  • Production Photoby
  • Creative Director Teresa Jimenez
  • Art Director Glazione Nery Rocha, Vera Brych
  • Styling Simon Tazman, Louise Mcilroy, Jessica Klimach
  • Digital Support  Adrian Obreczarek
  • Set Design Nina Lemm c/o Liganord
  • Hair/Make up Astrid Scheppan c/o Liganord
  • Junior Stylist Lena Braatz c/o Liganord
  • Models Leroy c/o Izaio, Alina c/o Iconic, Miriam c/o Indeed, Aivarin c/o Lichtkind

Jan Kriwol - PLNY

Jan Kriwol’s newest shoot, straight from the streets of Tokyo, for the Polish streetwear brand PLNY Textylia.

Jan Kriwol's portfolio

  • Client PLNY Textylia
  • Art Direction Zuza Słomińska
  • Model  Michał Rejent

Maciej Miloch for Mood Scent Bar

Images and Cinemagraphs created by Maciej Miloch for Mood Scent Bar featuring 5 scents;

Nasomatto: Blamage
UNUM: Ennui Noir
Liquides Imaginaires: Fleuve Tendre
UNUM but not today

Maciej Miloch's portfolio

  • Photography/Direction/DoP Maciek Miloch
  • Set Design & Art Direction Natalia Mleczak
  • Postproduction, Editing, Color Grading Holubowicz

Tomek Olszowski for Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz’s #MBvideocar campaign directed by Tomek Olszowski.

Feel the raw power of the car as it roars through the otherworldly setting of a remote Croatian island.

“…the view was breathtaking. We already knew that we have something special in our hands. After only a few kilometres it became clear that if we wanted to show speed on the screen the only way was to drive… fast. We drove 700km in total on the spectacular 5km course during two days of pure pleasure! It was a filmmaker’s dream come true…”

Find out more about about the fascinating BTS on the mad love blog

Tomek Olszowski's portfolio

  • Client Mercedes Benz
  • Direction Tomek Olszowski
  • DOP Bartek Hlawka
  • Colour Grading Christoph Bolten / Recom Farmhouse
  • Music Michal Przybylski “Lieke”
  • Chase Car Karol Szymanski
  • Production Piotr Stefanski – Studio Tecza
  • Assistants Adam Bonarski, Adam Gocel

Alan McFetridge - "Parsons Creek"

Parsons Creek is an 815ha residential subdivision, designed to house 25,000 people. That is over a quarter of Fort McMurray’s current population. The price of oil slumped in September 2015 from $107USD per barrel to £38USD per barrel the project was halted. Leaving the area with some infrastructure ready, but otherwise a barren area of land. As the land was cleared of forest (fuel) for Parsons Creek, the northwestern suburbs of Fort McMurray were somewhat accidentally protected from the devastating 2016 Horse River Wildfire.
The benefits of the boreal forest to humans are unseen. Just as the name’s origin from the Latin Borealis, denotes the god of the north wind, the exchange occurs in the wind as the air is filtered, carbon stored into the frozen ground and recycled.

Alan McFetridge's portfolio