Alan McFetridge - "Parsons Creek"

Parsons Creek is an 815ha residential subdivision, designed to house 25,000 people. That is over a quarter of Fort McMurray’s current population. The price of oil slumped in September 2015 from $107USD per barrel to £38USD per barrel the project was halted. Leaving the area with some infrastructure ready, but otherwise a barren area of land. As the land was cleared of forest (fuel) for Parsons Creek, the northwestern suburbs of Fort McMurray were somewhat accidentally protected from the devastating 2016 Horse River Wildfire.
The benefits of the boreal forest to humans are unseen. Just as the name’s origin from the Latin Borealis, denotes the god of the north wind, the exchange occurs in the wind as the air is filtered, carbon stored into the frozen ground and recycled.

Alan McFetridge's portfolio

Photoby & Jan Kriwol for Harnas Beer

The first key visual from our production with Jan Kriwol and Grey Poland for the Polish Brewery – Harnaś!

Jan Kriwol's portfolio

  • Client Harnas
  • Agency Grey Group Poland
  • Lighting Lukasz Kus
  • Post Production Iza Zembrzuska

Photoby & Andrzej Dragan for Energie Schweiz - PEIK

Four short videos directed by Andrzej Dragan in our recent production for Energie Schweiz and the PEIK (professional energy consulting for your SME) campaign.

Each video is set in a different working space, but all featuring the rather intimidating Mr. No as the main character in this abstractly humored series. Watch all 4 here:
Workshop , Kitchen , Garage , Office

Andrzej Dragan's portfolio

  • Agency Maxomedia
  • Client Bundesamt für Energie Schweiz
  • Production Photoby
  • Director Andrzej Dragan
  • DOP Marcin Gołąb
  • Set design Joanna Von Musil

Peter Lippmann - "Théière Cabas de Bernardaud"

Bernardaud are true masters in the art of porcelain-making, a symbol of luxury and tradition. Peter Lippmann celebrates the “Théière Cabas de Bernardaud” in this new film shot with Patrice Jean-Baptiste.

Peter Lippmann's portfolio

Rickard Sund for ACO

A soft and subtle motion piece by Rickard Sund for the Scandinavian ACO skincare cosmetics line.

Rickard Sund's portfolio

  • Client ACO

Jan Kriwol for Prosto "20 YEARS"

Jan Kriwol for the 20th anniversary of the clothing brand – Prosto

  • Models Wojtek Sokół, Dj Steez, Dj Kebs, JWP
  • Art direction Zuza Słominska & Kasia Porycka
  • Retouch Run Run

Jan Kriwol's portfolio