Julia Fullerton-Batten - "Baptisms in the River Thames"

For many centuries full immersion baptisms were performed in the non-tidal section of the River Thames upstream from London. Julia visited the village where the ceremony took place then, 100 miles out of London in Wiltshire. The ceremony still happens occasionally today.

Julia Fullerton-Batten's portfolio

Dzienis - "Melted Cristal" for Design Alive Magazine

A project in collaboration with set designer and art director Natalia Mleczak for Design Alive Magazine.

  • Client DesignAlive Mag
  • Set Design Natalia Mleczak

Dzienis's portfolio

Nick & Chloe - "Fortune Cookie"

Inspired by a view through the window of the 31 bus in Paris of a strange couple deep in debate we imagined their back story.

Published by Thread Magazine for their new winter edition.

Nick & Chloé's portfolio

  • Talents Lydia @ Muse, Kiyo @Girl, Didier @Elite
  • Stylist  Julian Dartois
  • Makeup Artist Elise @B-agency
  • Hair Gulio @B-agency
  • Casting Director Olivier Duperrin
  • Post Production Yisang Shin

Photoby welcomes photographer Maciej Miloch!

Maciej Miloch is a still life & food photographer with a strong background in Art Direction. Mixing geometric forms, colors and textures is his recipe for creating memorable visual statements.

Have a look at our recent shoot with Maciej for Huawei’s Mobile Social Media Campaign for Summer 2017.

Maciej Miloch's portfolio

  • Agency DDB&Tribal Warsaw
  • Client Huawei
  • Set Design & Papercraft Zuza Slominska
  • Art Direction Kasia Jarecka, Mariusz Sepek
  • Copywriter Krzysztof Mielcarek
  • Art Buyer Magdalena Dobiszewska
  • Retouch Iza Zembrzuska