Samuel Hicks - "Lynn Athletic" personal project

In his latest personal project, Samuel focuses on the Lynn Athletic Club – the oldest amateur boxing club in the UK. Founded in 1892 in a cafe in London Borough high street.

Samuel Hicks's portfolio

Nick & Chloe for VW & FFF: Women's Euro 2017

Nick and Chloe are behind the fantastic visuals for Volkswagens new campaign for the Woman’s Euro 2017. The dancers are replaying well-known football scenes encouraging young girls to practice football.

Nick & Chloé's portfolio

  • Agency DDB Paris
  • Client Volkswagen & FFF
  • AD Alice Labau
  • CW Rémi Dias das Alma
  • Art Buying Marine Rolland

Alan McFetridge - Audi SQ5: Transition

Just three days earlier this landscape has been scorched by a grass fire covering 4,477 hectares of land within days. Although still smoldering away in parts, Alan was able to see green shoots of grass rising back up.

This freshly altered landscape became the location for Alan’s new Audi SQ5 shoot.

Alan McFetridge's portfolio

Scott G. Toepfer for National Geographic Travel : "Ventura to Death Valley"

From the sea, to the mountains, and the desert valley floor, California has everything a motorcyclist could desire. Experience the 485-mile trip from Ventura to Death Valley in Scott’s latest motion film.

More on National Geographic

Scott G. Toepfer's portfolio

  • Director/ A Camera  Scott G Toepfer
  • B Camera and Aerial Cinematography Samson K Hatae
  • Riders  Tommy Erst, JR Watson, Jesse Carmody
  • Editor  Scott G Toepfer
  • Colorist Dave Levine

Photoby & Jan Kriwol for Kieser Training

Our latest addition to the Kieser Training series. This time Photoby photographer – Jan Kriwol took a trip to Slovenia to shoot the background. Illusion created and integrated another very fit looking blue man into the image. Analog Digital was responsible for overseeing the production.

Jan Kriwol's portfolio

  • Agency Wirz Werbung, Zurich
  • Client Kieser
  • CGI Illusion, Bangkok
  • Photography Jan Kriwol

Photoby & Piet Truhlar for T-Mobile

Keep an eye out for these T-mobile billboards. It’s our production with agency Bridge2fun and Piet Truhlar behind the camera!

Piet Truhlar's portfolio

  • Client T-mobile
  • Agency Bridge2fun
  • Art Director Grzegorz Waliczek