Nick & Chloe | "SLOWEST"

The new art film by Nick & Chloe!

“The Slowdance is nearing extinction. We must act with urgency! Here is our call to arms to nurture and revive that classic courting ritual.

The contemporary dance and music world have turned their back on this mystical, awkward but pragmatic way to encounter the “object of your desire”! How many of our parents met on a dance floor? How many movies share this nostalgia? These days we are “too cool for school”, our gaze fixed downwards on clever phones and screens missing the human life in our proximity. We all need a little push of encouragement to get up from our chair and ask bravely to that guy or that girl over there, to dance with us. We went back to Berlin, renowned for its techno, mono dancing scene. We cast teenagers to come along to our neo futuristic set which acted as a kind of “quarantine zone” where they could practice the art of the Slowdance without ridicule.

DJ’s! Play the Slowset to save the planet!”

Sam Tiba, the artist and French producer composed this dystopian track to guide their dance steps.

Nick & Chloé's portfolio

  • Director Chloé Claverie
  • Creative producer Nick West
  • Music  Sam Tiba
  • Post Production The Abc
  • Production Rekorder
  • Styling Andrea Horn
  • Styling Ass. Malin Rickertsen
  • Set design Kristin Baumann
  • Hair & MU Tony Lundstrom
  • Edit long version Fix Studio
  • Co-Production Art Bridge
  • Slowdancers Berkant Ozturk, Casper von Bulow, Erik Bruns, Georgette Tripes, Ida Vogel, Maja Bons,