Rickard Sund for ICON Magazine

What an update from Rickard Sund! Enjoy these hot summery vibes shot for ICON Magazine.

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  • Client ICON Magazine

Samuel Hicks - "All My Life"

All My Life is a documentary project on Peckham BMX Club.

“Peckham BMX Club was formed by CK Flash in 2004. The shorter version of this story is that CK and a couple of other volunteers self built a BMX track on a piece of waste ground in the heart of Peckham, on Naylor Road. Classic old school Peckham, right by a tower block. In just 4 years and starting with only 4 riders the club became the Number 1 BMX club in the UK. This is like forming a football team and then becoming Premier League champions. An amazing achievement.

Since then, with a lot of hard work and with help from the council, the club has raised funds and built a world-class track in Burgess Park. The club has sent 4 riders into the British Development Team (the Olympic Team) and created many more National, British and World Champions.

More importantly the club has helped hundreds of local children. It not only gives them the opportunity to train 3 times a week and travel around Europe entering competitions, but it teaches them skills that they will go on to use for the rest of their lives.

I first met CK when the club trained on Naylor Road, and have seen the club grow over the years. Since starting this project I’ve seen how great the club is and how, through riding a bike, young people can learn, laugh, enjoy and respect themselves and others. The club has riders from the age of 5 to 53 years.

I’ve shot the project using just available light. Shooting mainly on the D5 Nikon, which like other new DLSR cameras allows you to work at really high ISO speeds (just recently it would not have been possible to get the same quality images) I’ve been able to shoot hand held in really low light. I’ve really enjoyed the freedom this project has given me to create the images. Allowing me to chat to the guys and take photos that I feel capture the club members naturally. When I first started photographing the riders in Naylor Road I met Big Mike. When I met him again at the new track when starting this project I said ‘still doing BMX?’ and he replied ‘all my life’. I thought that would make a great name for the project. He now trains with his son Andres at the club.”

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Coco Amardeil - "Disco Forest" for Hooligans Magazine

This recent editorial work for Hooligans Magazine by Coco Amardeil is like a trip to wonderland! 🙂

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  • Client Hooligans Magazine
  • Set Design  Aurora Sfez
  • Styling Coline Peyrot
  • Hair  Carole Douard
  • Make-up by Vera Dierckx @Atelier 68


David Harriman - "Red State Redux"

Personal project by David Harriman.

Hutchinson, Texas is one of the most Republican counties in the US – 90 per cent in favour of Trump.
David first visited on the day of Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009 for the original series “Red State” and revisited the same day 8 yeas later when Trump was inaugurated.

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Jason Hindley - "Charcuterie"

Jason Hindley in his latest personal project is following a group of family and friends in rural France during their annual charcuterie making.

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