A big welcome to Tomek Olszowski, 'Shooting Cars'!

Tomek Olszowski has been originally trained in Architecture and later in Digital Graphics,
however, a great passion for cars and photography led to his current way of life – shooting cars.

This stunning series of images with the rather unconventional Aston Martin Lagonda is an ideal introduction to Tomek’s portfolio. The striking angular shapes of the car and graphical approach in this series make his background in archtecture and graphics quite evident here. The control of light, feel for color, shapes and atmosphere is something to admire!

He’s been commissioned by some of the biggest brands in the auto industry, including Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Toyota, Maserati, Chevrolet and Top Gear.

Tomek is based in Cracow, Poland

Tomek Olszowski's portfolio

Photoby & Pszemek Dzienis - "Scoffies"

Have a look at our latest motion picture with photographer Pszemek Dzienis. The models make it look so easy but there’s some serious athleticism going on here!

Dzienis's portfolio

  • Client Cheestrings Scoffies
  • Agency Rothco
  • Art Director Matt Evans 

Elizabeth Weinberg for Airbnb

We’re excited to share that our lifestyle photographer Elizabeth Weinberg was commissioned for a massive production for Airbnb’s China launch campaign. Together with AKQA Shanghai and Savage Production we’re proud to present six final images – shot all over the globe, with locations in Prague, London, Tokyo, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai.

The images are currently displayed in the Beijing and Shanghai subways.

Elizabeth Weinberg's portfolio

  • Client Airbnb
  • Agency AKQA Shanghai
  • Creative Direction Eric Cruz
  • Art Direction Morris Lee

Samuel Hicks for T-Mobile - "Release the Gorillaz with The Lenz"

Very cool commercial image shot by Samuel Hicks, promoting, what seems like a pretty wicked Augmented Reality app – “The Lenz” feat. the Gorillaz. – “Simply find the colour magenta, look through The Lenz and the Gorillaz will be unleashed!”

Samuel Hicks's portfolio

  • Client Deutsche Telekom
  • Agency Saatchi & Saatchi London

Peter Lippmann for Gala Magazine

A sublime series recently released by Gala Magazine. Unquestionably, Peter Lippmann’s signature style work.

Peter Lippmann's portfolio

  • Client Gala Magazine
  • Art Director Vincent Lebée
  • Stylist Malika Slimani

Alan McFetridge - Mercedes personal

“Actually a lot more can be done in the field of unpredictability!” – Alan McFetridge.

In his latest personal work Alan is experimenting with organic materials, allowing factors such as changing weather conditions have influence on the final result, and what a final result it is. The outcome is superb! Definitely a refreshing breeze in automotive imagery.

Alan McFetridge's portfolio