Photoby & Jan Kriwol for Adidas Running "SolarBOOST"

A new Photoby production shot with Jan Kriwol for Adidas and their campaign featuring the newest running shoe SolarBOOST.

Jan Kriwol's portfolio

  • Client Addidas
  • Agency Tailor Made PR
  • Art Direction Aleksandra Kwiatkowska
  • Models Marilin Taimre, Simona Burbaitė, Vaida Žūsinaitė, Luik sisters
  • Retouch RunRun
  • Lighting Szymon Goslawski
  • Make-up Aleksandra Przyłuska

Samuel Hicks for BP "BPme App"

“There’s a new way to pay for fuel.”

Samuel Hicks photographed a world wide campaign for BP promoting the new BPme payment app.
Realized through O&M London Agnecy.

Samuel Hicks's portfolio

  • Client BP
  • Agency O&M London


Szymon Swietochowski for Sheppard "Watching the Sky" album

Szymon Swietochowski in collaboration with Ars Thanea created a cover for the newest album released by the Australian indie pop band – Sheppard. The surreal cloud sculpture was achieved by photographing hand crafted glass bubbles – learn more about the process in the making of film.

Szymon Świętochowski's portfolio

  • Client Sheppard
  • Photographer Szymon Świętochowski
  • Creative Production Studio Ars Thanea
  • Executive Creative Director Peter Jaworowski
  • Art Director Maciej Mizer
  • Production Lead Marta Król
  • Producer Magdalena Błocian
  • Mockup Artist Jagody Studio
  • Concept Artist Piotr Rosłan
  • Digital Artists Tomasz Chrabołowski, Maciej Mizer

Alan McFetridge - "Wild Fire, Wild Suburbs, Wild Energy"

Alan McFetridge received the TPA/RPS Environmental Awareness Bursary in 2016 with his proposed project Wild Fire, Wild Suburbs, Wild Energy which examined the aftermath of a wildfire that affected a large area of the Boreal forest in Canada. The fire began on 3rd May 2016 and started when heated muskeg from a quad bike’s exhaust fell onto the forest floor igniting a blaze that reached temperatures of 1000°C. The flames spread 280 meters across the Athabasca River and burned for 30 days. By the end of May 2016, an area with a circumference of 1000km had been affected by the fire, leaving 588,621 hectares of forest black and burnt.

You can read more about Alan’s project on his website

Alan McFetridge's portfolio

Photoby is now representing film director Florian Malak

Featuring his latest 2018 film directed for the clothing brand – CROPP

Florian Malak's portfolio

  • Client Cropp
  • DOP Kamil Płocki
  • Art director Bartłomiej Stefanowicz, Sławomir Marynkowski
  • Director Florian Malak

Kasia Bielska for Lana Nguyen - "Lana Premium S/S18 Campaign"

The shoot took place on a shamanic island in the Philippines, in an intimate atmosphere between Kasia and Charlotte. Two tides and two outflows per day set the time frame for their shoot, turning the beach into either a mirrored pool or desert covered with algae and starfish.

Kasia Bielska's portfolio

  • Client Lana Nguyen
  • Model Charlotte Tomaszewska
  • Retouch Agata Bielska