Analog/Digital & Jan Kriwol for Adidas Originals - "Deerupt Space"

Photographer Jan Kriwol collaborated with 3d artists Atelier Martini & Flavio Albino, combining their talents to create the newest visuals for the freshly released sneakers from Adidas – Deerupts.

  • Client Adidas Originals
  • Agency  Tailor Made PR
  • Art Direction Pati Bielańska
  • Models Żabson, Lila Janowska, zuzaOK, Zulu Kuki, Agnieszka Stachurska, Helena Konkol, Karolina Meschino
  • Retouch Postproduction Space
  • Lighting assistant  Szymon Goslawski
  • 3D Atelier Martini & Flavio Albino
  • Photography Jan Kriwol
  • Production Analog/Digital

Jan Kriwol's portfolio

Jan Kriwol - Diligent “Langusta Lips”

Far from the stereotypes and established conventions, on a set without gravity is the new work from Jan Kriwol for the clothing brand Diligent and their latest collection – Langusta Lips.

Jan Kriwol's portfolio

  • Art Direction Zuza Slominska set design & art direction
  • Models Patrycja Gacka, Kasia Gałąska, Janek KacprzakOskar Grzelak
  • Make Up Aneta Chaber StankiewiczDominika Koryciorz
  • Hair Magdalena Brojak hairdresser
  • Retouch Postproduction Space

Samuel Hicks - Peckham BMX Club

Enjoy the newly released film from Samuel Hicks about the Peckham BMX Club.

Samuel Hicks's portfolio

Photoby & Florian Malak for Interdiscount "Shop the way You want"

Take a look at our latest film production for the Swiss electronics store, Interdiscount – intended for TV, the Internet and Social Media.

These dynamic ping pong scenes advertise all the available shopping options at Interdiscount stores, ranging from online orders to home deliveries and instore pickup.

Presenting above is the directors cut by Photoby director Florian Malak.

Florian Malak's portfolio

  • Client Interdiscount
  • Agency Maxomedia, Bern, Switzerland
  • Creative Director Reto Schild
  • Art Director Andrey Klemenkov
  • DOP Kamil Plocki
  • Set Design Karolina Raczka
  • Costumes Kasia Klimczyk

Photoby & Scott G. Toepfer for Nokia "Urban Sports"

Nokia’s newest campaign focuses on urban sports which are becoming an integral part of urban life. Sports enthusiasts are bringing old halls, abandoned squares and left-out spaces, back to life, giving them a new purpose. Urban karting, golf, bowling or billiards have been used as entertaining settings for this visual campaign, showing how amazingly the Nokia phones work under dynamic conditions.

Take a look at the first part of photographs by Scott G. Toepfer. Shot on location in Warsaw, Poland.

Scott G. Toepfer's portfolio

  • Client Nokia
  • Advertising Agency Addapterphot/DDB Group Warsaw
  • Creative Director Maciek Waligora
  • Art Director Filip Berendt
  • Copywriter Ksawery Bajon 
  • Production Company Moon Films

Peter Lippmann for Christian Laboutin

Peter Lippmann continues his creative partnership with the French fashion designer, Christian Laboutin. For the latest 2018 Spring Summer collection Peter sought inspiration from paintings by Sandro Batticelli. The playful scenes are alluding to nymphs from Greek mythology, subtly and naturally highlighting the style of the newest collection.

Peter Lippmann's portfolio

  • Client Christian Laboutin