Szymon Swietochowski for Sheppard "Watching the Sky" album

Szymon Swietochowski in collaboration with Ars Thanea created a cover for the newest album released by the Australian indie pop band – Sheppard. The surreal cloud sculpture was achieved by photographing hand crafted glass bubbles – learn more about the process in the making of film.

Szymon Świętochowski's portfolio

  • Client Sheppard
  • Photographer Szymon Świętochowski
  • Creative Production Studio Ars Thanea
  • Executive Creative Director Peter Jaworowski
  • Art Director Maciej Mizer
  • Production Lead Marta Król
  • Producer Magdalena Błocian
  • Mockup Artist Jagody Studio
  • Concept Artist Piotr Rosłan
  • Digital Artists Tomasz Chrabołowski, Maciej Mizer