Platinum for Sea Shepherd "Plastic Fish"

  • Agency Ogilvy Germany
  • Art/Copy Christian Kuzman, Ogilvy
  • Art Buying Magdalena Bulle, Ogilvy
  • Post Production Flavio Albino, Dmitriy Glazyrin, Luciano Honorato
  • CGI Platinum FMD, Henrique Cassab
  • Photography Direction Leonardo Vilela

Platinum's portfolio

Platinum for Ford "Ka" 2019

The latest automotive project from Platinum! A fully computer generated campaign for the release of Fords 2019 Ka models. The use of CGI(3D) over traditional photography gave Platinum full control of the creative process, while lowering the costs and eliminating logistic and weather related problems.

Platinum's portfolio

  • Agency GTB
  • Client Ford
  • Creative Director Daniel Leitao
  • Art Director Leandro Bechara


Kijek/Adamski for BBC Two "Ident"

Kijek/Adamski directed and animated the new hypnotising ident for BBC Two! Created the good old analog way, using papercraft and stop motion.

Kijek / Adamski's portfolio

Sound Design Alex Baranowski

Zombie Studio for Ford - "Gears"

Zombie Studio produces an animation for Ford Motor Company. A short film, that approaches the truck segment in a unusually emotional, warm and playful way.

Paulo Garcia at Zombie Studio: “This was one of the toughest technical and narrative challenges we’ve ever had. Harmonizing emotional stories, and turning the gears of a truck’s engine into a world of imagination, was a task that required a lot of talent and affection from the entire team. “It was four months of work with a team of 60 dedicated people, a lot of research, and a lot of desire to make this script a beautiful story.”

Zombie Studio's portfolio

  • Client Ford Motor Company
  • Agency GTB Brasil
  • Executive Creative Director Vico Benevides
  • Creative Directors Rodrigo Strozenberg and Daniel Leitão
  • Copywriter Thiago Lins
  • Art director Fernando Lyra
  • Production Zombie Studio
  • Director Paulo Garcia
  • Director of Photography Regis Fernandez
  • Executive Producer Natália Gouvêa
  • Sound A9 Audio

Atelier Martini for Panorama Berlin “Connecting Communities”

Atelier Martini created the key visuals for a fashion trade show ‘PANORAMA’ held in Berlin, during summer 2018.

Atelier Martini's portfolio

  • Client PANORAMA Fashion Fair, Berlin
  • Art Direction & Conception CeeCee Creative & Atelier Martini
  • 3D Atelier Martini

Six N. Five for Samsung "QLED 8K"

Six N.Five once more for Samsung TV! This time a series of still images with a countdown for the launch of the new Samsung QLED 8k TV. The visuals are a combination of photography and CGI.

Six N. Five's portfolio