Alan Powdrill - "All dressed up for the NHS"

“Hello, I’m Alan an East London photographer with lots of time on my hands so I’ve been shooting doorstep portraits of locals who are ‘All dressed up for the NHS’

You can donate and find out more about Alans project here. y

Alan Powdrill's portfolio

Jan Kriwol - Prismat

Prismat is a collection of photos inspired by Jan’s accidental stay in Tokyo. – Showing the perception of movement and sun. The motif of colorful shades creates a dialogue with the harsh architecture of the buildings at Shibuya and Daikanyama junction. But if someone is better suited to a poetic solution, he can call it “shadows of possibilities”…

Jan Kriwol's portfolio

  • Model Michał Rejent
  • Retouch Iza Zembrzuska

Andrzej Dragan's newest film "Simulation Hypothesis"

Are we in control of our lives or some superior entity keeps pulling our strings? What if the hypothetical universe in which we are all part of a computer simulation was an actual reality? – „Simulation Hypothesis” was improvised with an amazing tiny crew Andrzej put together during his summer stay in Singapore. Edited to an original score composed by Kysplease.

Andrzej Dragan's portfolio

Jan Kriwol for Dziarma

Jan Kriwol in collaboration with MELT create the cover for the debut EP titled ‘V’ by a young Polish female raper Dziarma.

Jan Kriwol's portfolio

Nick & Chloe for Orange

Christmas campaign for French Orange, shot by Nick & Chloe.

  • Agency Publicis Conseil
  • Campaign Attrapez Noël
  • Client Orange, France

Nick & Chloé's portfolio

Nick & Chloe - Tu Danses

“Tu Danses is a music video for the electronic musician, Gabriel Auguste.
It is the second chapter to our earlier Slowset project. (exhibited at Futures of Love, Magasins Généraux, Paris, 2019)

We explore the theme of the Slow Dance through the gaze of youth.

Believing that the slow dance is nearing extinction, here is our call to arms to nurture and revive this classic courting ritual.

The contemporary dance and music world has turned their back on this mystical, awkward but pragmatic way to encounter the “object of your desire”.
Our gaze fixed downwards on smart phones missing the human life in our proximity.

We went back to Berlin, renowned for its techno, mono dancing scene.
We gathered a cast of teenagers to come along to our neo futuristic set which acted as a kind of “quarantine zone” where they could practise the art of the Slow Dance without ridicule.” – Nick & Chloe

Nick & Chloé's portfolio

  • Artist Gabriel Auguste
  • Director Chloè Claverie
  • Creative Director Nick West
  • Starring Gabriel Auguste, Paula Breuer, Ida Vogel, Mira Antonina Campo Jastrzebski, Matia Sprenger, Erik Bruns, Karim Deiback, Hari Reiners, Sophie Pfuhler
  • Production Rekorder
  • Executive Producer Alexis Delanoue
  • Stylist Andrea Horn
  • Hair & Make-Up Annika Noack
  • Animation ABC Paris, Gabrielle Chaillat
  • Colour Grading Nadia Khairat, Delfina Mayer
  • Editor Søren Schneider
  • Additional Editing Consuelo Guijarro